The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching. As cool winds blow outside the window and beautiful Christmas carols can be heard, we feel the true magic of the holiday season surrounding us. And what could be more magical than a perfect Christmas gift that also benefits our planet?’s Christmas offer combines luxury with sustainability. Step into the world of splendid organic towels – eco-friendly solutions that don’t compromise on the best quality.

Why are terry cloth towels the ideal Christmas gift?

1. They symbolize sustainability and luxury at the same time offers a variety of responsibly chosen materials: organic cotton terry towels, Wego vegan towels, and bamboo fiber towels. When you use our towels, you’ll experience enchanting softness, which is truly soothing after a long workday.

2. The towels have an impressively long lifespan

High-quality terry stands up remarkably well to the test of time and frequent use. By choosing our towels, you’re not just gifting a promotional item; you’re handing your customers a daily-use item that lasts for years and becomes a part of their lifestyle.

3. Organic materials save our planet

Environmental consciousness is a value deeply reflected in our product range. We offer towels made from organic cotton and bamboo fibers, produced without the addition of harmful chemicals. We guarantee that every time your customer dries off with a eco-towel, they are safely embraced by nature.

4. A production process that cares

Eco-friendly towels have been manufactured for 27 years, and over 10,000 satisfied customers attest to their top quality. Continuous innovations in the production process ensure the maximum sustainability of terry production. The goal is to save as many valuable resources as possible, such as water and electricity. Each towel shows that your company is dedicated to protecting nature.

5. Delivery across Europe

We deliver towels to 26 countries throughout Europe. Sustainable and soft eco-towels reach everywhere.

Let’s take a closer look at our premium product lines.

Bamboo series: a fabric that shines

Often called the material of the future, bamboo has brought about a revolution in the textile industry. Since 60% of our bamboo towels consist of hypoallergenic bamboo fibers, they are perfect for people with sensitive skin, children, or anyone who wants to experience the ultimate towel texture. Compared to classic terry, bamboo and cotton combination towels are up to three times softer, dry faster, have better moisture absorption, yet are also dense and durable. Exceptional gentleness for the skin!

Bamboo towels are naturally antibacterial, making them resistant to mold and bacterial growth. The towels remain fresh for a long time without developing an unpleasant smell. Bamboo hand towels are designed to impress wherever your customers go: in the sauna, health center, and of course, in their home bathroom.

The Bamboo towel design and color palette are inspired by their natural origin. The towels are made special by a fine stone-shaped pattern sewn into the edges and decorative borders. If you want to use bamboo towels as promotional gifts and personalize them with your brand, we offer embroidery or a logo label.

Wego vegan towels: proudly natural

For those who love 100% natural products, our Wego range is a dream come true. No chemicals, herbicides or insecticides. 100% organic cotton-made towels have the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and VEGAN certifications, and also have longer and softer fibers than regular towels – they have better breathability and moisture absorption. Wego hand towels offer the utmost touch of nature in hotels, beauty salons, and your customer’s home.

The production philosophy of Wego natural terry towels is also reflected in their appearance. They are produced in 5 gentle colors reflecting the harmony of nature. The minimalist design is made special by a decorative border on one side of the towels and bath sheets. Additionally, the towel has a cotton loop of the same color for hanging.

Personalize towels with your company logo

Imagine these premium towels embroidered with your company’s beautiful logo. It’s not just a marketing strategy; it shows everyone that your brand stands for sustainability, quality, and elegance. Whether you prefer the Bamboo or Wego series towels, we offer several personalization options – logo embroidery or a company name monogram. Your brand will stand out in the best light.

In conclusion

This Christmas, you have a unique opportunity to gift your customers luxurious and sustainable towels that radiate magic and warmth. doesn’t just sell products, but it offers a better lifestyle. Let’s celebrate the holiday season responsibly, showing love for our planet.

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