As You have certainly noticed, the visual appearance of Your office has an effect on the efficiency of Your work. Important factors include room lighting, air quality and temperature – in a pleasant environment without distractions, we find it much easier to think. The same logic applies to the office supplies on Your desk: can You be certain about their long-term quality? All those so-called „temporary solutions“, purchased out of necessity, may indeed work for some time, but more often than not, they break down and have to be thrown away. All of this causes lots of stress that quite understandably has a negative effect on Your busy work schedule. On the other hand, carefully selected reliable products have a positive influence: by sparing valuable minutes, You will find Yourself more relaxed and confident in making important business decisions.

Our new product line offers many fantastic solutions that add elegance and individuality to every office desk. Designed to be as reliable as possible, these products also feature pleasant and calming color schemes. Furthermore, these accessories will catch the customer’s eye with ease – the perfect opportunity to introduce Your product.

Sustainability has always been a priority for us. As we all know, the use of many industrial materials has vastly negative consequences for our planet. The natural habitats of animals are constantly in danger of disappearing, and such toxic materials pose significant health risks to humans as well. For this reason, utilizing sustainable materials has become more important by each decade. It is imperative that the professional supplies which are used everyday are harmless to both the users themselves and the nature surrounding them. The following products are just a few examples of our wide product range featuring innovative natural raw materials: bamboo, cork and wheat straw fiber, which have a minimal ecological impact. A great opportunity to help our very precious natural environment!

Classic office supplies

Deluxe cork portfolio A5 with pen

Avoid any unnecessary cluttering on Your desk by organizing important notes and business cards in this elegant A5 format portfolio, which features an exterior made from natural cork. You will find lots of useful arranging options: a large sleeve pocket, a phone pocket and two card slots. The black elastic closure and several decorative black details add character to this eco-friendly portfolio. Inside the portfolio is a bamboo pen, to tone with the portfolio, and a notepad including 64 sheets / 128 pages of cream colored lined 80 gm/s paper. Comes in a kraft gift box.

Price range: 17.75 EUR

NERUDA. Notepad A5

This eye-catching wooden textured A5 notepad hardcover is made out of all-natural straw fiber. Market Your brand by adding a custom design to a small metal plate (30 x 15 mm), which will then be crafted on the front cover. The NERUDA notepad contains 192 cream colored lined pages, which have also been manufactured sustainably. Supplied in a kraft gift box. Measurements of the notepad: 150 x 210 mm.

Price range: 6.61 EUR

BETA BAMBOO. Bamboo ball pen

Unreliable plastic pens belong in the past – try out this eco-friendly ball pen made from natural bamboo. The pen features decorative round metal details, a metal clip and blue ink. Measurements of the pen: ø11 x 141 mm.

Price range: 0.93 EUR

Modern devices

Cork and Wheat 5.000 mAh pocket powerbank

It can be a pleasant change to switch Your working environment and get business done in nature or a public establishment instead. However, there may not be the possibility to charge Your devices from an outlet – in such a case, a high quality powerbank comes in handy. This pocket-sized, yet powerful 5000 mAh powerbank features a top made from natural cork; the rest of the exterior contains a mixture of 35% wheat straw fiber and ABS-plastic – a modern eco-friendly solution. When fully charged, this powerbank can charge Your phone up to 3 times. The indicators let You know at all times how much power is left, so You always know when to re-charge. Specifications: Type-C input 5V/2A; Micro USB Input 5V/2A. Output 5V/2A.

Price range: 16.38 EUR

ENGLERT. Mobile phone holder with wireless charger 10W

One of the many convenient features of newer mobile phones is the option of wireless charging: say goodbye to entangled and broken cables! This wireless charger has the useful function of holding Your phone at a comfortable angle while charging, allowing for easier access to the screen. The stylish body consists of natural wheat straw fiber and ABS-plastic. ENGLERT features ultra-fast charging power at 10W and has two inputs: 5V/2A and 9V/1.67A. Comes with a 1 meter USB-charging cable. Supplied in a kraft paper box. Measurements of the phone holder: 70 x 112 x 87 mm.

Price range: 11.20 EUR

LINEU. Portable speaker 3W

Paperwork becomes so much easier when listening to Your favorite music. The portable and compact LINEU wireless speaker is made from eco-friendly wheat straw fiber and ABS-plastic: replace the tedious silence with an up-tempo rhythm. Thanks to the integrated microphone, answering calls becomes even easier. This 3W speaker operates with a smooth BlueTooth 5.0 connection. When fully charged, the 300 mAh battery can play music up to 2 hours. Comes with a micro-USB charging cable. Supplied in a kraft paper gift box. Measurements of the speaker: ø62 x 48 mm.

Price range: 7.14 EUR

Bamboo alarm clock with 5W wireless charger

Digital alarm clocks are well known from childhood and look nostalgic. This alarm clock has that certain warm retro-feeling to it, however, it also gives Your nightstand a modern touch, since it has an exterior made completely from natural bamboo. Not only does this stunning clock feature a classic 24 hour time indicator: it is made even more convenient by an integrated 5W wireless charging pad at the top. Keep Your phone in a safe place and make sure it is always fully charged. Wireless charging is compatible with all QI enabled devices like Android’s latest generation, iPhone 8 and up. Including 150 cm PVC-free TPE micro-USB cable. Specifications: Input: 5V/1.5A; Wireless Output: 5V/1A – 5W; 1 USB output port, 5V/1A.

Price range: 34.19 EUR

Sustainable bottles

MAKAROVA. Bottle with infusers 490 ml

Time to move on from cheap plastic bottles that leave an unpleasant aftertaste to Your drink and spread harmful chemicals. Make an important step towards a healthier lifestyle by using this trendy-looking functional glass bottle. MAKAROVA has a double wall consisting of ultra high quality borosilicate glass – a neutral and harmless container. Inside the bottle are two stainless steel infusers for fruits and herbs – energize Your thoughts with beneficial vitamins. A natural bamboo lid adds an environmentally friendly element to the bottle. Contains up to 490 ml. It is also suitable for Your dishwasher, once the lid is removed. Supplied in a paper kraft box. Measurements of the bottle: ø72 x 234 mm.

Price range: 12.22 EUR

OASIS. Stainless steel bottle 540 ml

While out on a longer trip, this stainless steel bottle is most useful for keeping Your drinks either warm or cold. The lid, which is also made from stainless steel, features a convenient carrying handle and a stylish round bamboo detail. Supplied in a box. Measurements of the bottle: ø68 x 192 mm.

Price range: 7.22 EUR

For convenient carrying …

Bobby Sling backpack

While living or travelling in a city, the danger of pickpocketing is ever-present. Often, thieves are highly skillful and know exactly where the pockets on most backpacks are located. Now You have a chance to avoid this threat! The comfortable and safe Bobby Sling backpack is the best option for commuting in a city. Bobby anti-theft design has no front access, featuring instead many hidden zip pockets, special RFID-protected pockets, cut resistant material and also a 3 point safe buckle – make sure that Your daily essentials are always along Your body. Additional features like water-resistant material and an integrated USB charging port make this cross-body backpack the most convenient option for Your everyday journey. Made from R-pet materials and AWARE™ tracer. With AWARE™, the use of genuine recycled fabric materials and water reduction impact claims are guaranteed, by using the AWARE disruptive physical tracer and blockchain technology. You can be certain that You are helping the environment: the sustainable manufacturing of one Bobby Sling backpack saves 12 liters of water and reuses 20 plastic bottles. Registered design®.

Price range: 41.08 EUR