Make a personal connection with a personalised gift, in customised packaging, with a personal note or letter, all delivered individually.

Virtually every product can be personalized. There are numerous techniques that allow you to place a company name or logo onto a product. Depending on the material the product is made of, the available surface and the effect you are after.

CO2 engraving: This technique uses a laser beam to print text, logos or drawings by engraving the objects surface. It can be applied with excellent results on wooden objects.

Ukiyo borosilicate glass carafe with bamboo lid 1.2L

This Ukiyo carafe will upgrade any dining table! The beautiful carafe is crafted from durable borosilicate glass and will withstand different temperatures- serve ice cold drinks or warming tea, whatever you fancy! The modern shape and clean lines will suit any table. The bamboo lids adds a natural touch. Capacity 1.2L.

The CO2 engraving can be made on the lid.

Pad printing: This method is the fastest and most accurate because it allows printing of logos with a high number of colours on usually most surfaces. Generally the print is applied on small objects made of plastic or other hard materials, on which the paint is transferred with a silicon pad.

FSC® wooden Sudoku game

This FSC® certified wooden Sudoku game you will play for hours! The entire game is made from wood including the pegs and comes with a solid wood cover to protect the pieces. Comes with easy-to-understand rules for playing and solving Sudoku puzzles. A puzzle can take from 20 minutes to 2 hours to complete depending upon your experience. Comes in FSC certified kraft box.

The pad printing can be done on the cover.

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A fully personalized corporate gift is something truly unique!

Celebrating an anniversary, a graduation or a promotion is a memorable moment. Make your gifts extra personal by adding individual names or texts on the item and/or sleeve.


Design your own full colour sleeve. Not only does it have a striking appearance, it also gives you that extra space to add a specific message.

• Unique, stylish and memorable packaging
• Ideal for several gift giving occasions
• Individual personalization possible

Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping is an essential element when offering a gift. You now have the opportunity to let us take care of this important detail for your customer. The receiver will appreciate the efforts that have been taken to make the gift look extra special.

• Choose from 6 different designs
• Starting just from 1 piece
• Finishing touch to end of year gift campaigns
• 100% carefree service

Gift box

How you give a gift is often as important as the gift itself. That makes personalised gift boxes the perfect choice for the ultimate thoughtful surprise.

• Starting from just 25 boxes
• Finishing touch to all your campaigns
• 100% worry free service
• 3D digital proposal

– Minimum quantity : 25 pcs.
– Material : Corrugated cardboard
– Customizable : All sides, but bottom is recommended for address label
– Sizes : Various sizes, we will match the size with the content

Price of the gift box: 1,95 € / pc

Add a note or letter

First impressions count when opening a gift box! You can fully customize your products and packaging, now let’s top that off with a personalized note. A simple Thank You card, a corporate letter, an instruction card, the possibilities are endless.

You can pick the size and start creating! And if you need any help with that, we are here for you.


Price of the card or letter: 0,15 € / pc

Add extras

You have created the perfect giftbox, but you want to add something extra in there which is not in our standard collection, like some chocolate or your own brochure.
No problem, we can add this to your giftbox if you supply these goods to our printing facility.

This will make your giftbox even more personal.

Packing slip


Another new service! From now on we can send all your orders with a personalized header on the packing slip.

• Send us your logo file (high res. Pdf or .Eps) and select 1 of the below header templates A, B or C.
You can also design your own header within the specifications 40×190 mm as shown in template D.

• We will create a final artwork for your approval and as soon as you are happy with the proposed layout,
all your future orders will automatically be shipped with this packing slip.

• Be the top of mind gift supplier to your customers and make sure your package is immediately recognized!

Deliver it with dropshipping

We can deliver your order to individual (home)addresses – so called dropshipping.
Provide us a list of addresses and we will take care of the rest. Deliveries are carried out by local postal companies. You will be informed at every step of the process.

With dropshipping, you don’t have to worry about:
• Managing or paying for a warehouse
• Packing and shipping your orders
• Handling returns and inbound shipments
• Individual address tracking information